Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Traveling Taco

No this post is not about a food truck...although there is one by the same name.
This is about what they call a brick and mortar restaurant. I guess that is American slag for an actual building. This tiny Art Deco looking diner was sitting on a very valuable piece of property.
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Here is a map to show you. Downtown Ft. Worth is almost half way up on the right edge of this map. Just over the Trinity River, between downtown and the culture district is what they call the 7th street area, an area that is booming with high rise condos, restaurants, shopping and nightlife.That little restaurant was sitting where I have inserted a black X.
I say was, because last week, they picked up the entire thing and moved it to a new location.

Back to the map. They went north on University St. to White Settlement Rd (and no I will not explain the name of that street), turned left (west,) across the West Fork of the Trinity River. See the other X? That is the new location ... an area that is about to be developed and called The River District.
arriving a the new location
This shows the other side of the building which is metal. They hope to be back open soon...and when they do I am going to try their tacos.
Oh, I forgot to mention. You didn't want to be anywhere near those two roads the day the little Taco Restaurant was moved!

This information (and photos) were gathered from various news agencies.


  1. I guess that would tie up the traffic!

  2. how cool they were able to move the whole thing!

  3. That must be one popular taco restaurant to go to all that expense and trouble. You definitely need to try a taco there!

  4. That is quite an interesting journey of the resto-car going places!

    Thanks for visiting me the other day and for your lovely comment. You got a wonderful space here, look forward to visiting often!

  5. That is something that never couldn't happen here. So special to see a whole restaurant on the move!

  6. Must have been a massive undertaking.