Friday, November 25, 2016

Gobble Gobble

I know, I know, I have been missing in action,
but I have good reason. It was my turn to host our family's holiday feast,
and since there are so many of us, I had to cook two of these. The skin looks green in places, because I put  butter mixture with garlic, fresh thyme and sage up under the skin.
Everyone pitches in and  brings a dish of food, and of course our holiday would not be complete without my niece's expertly decorated cookies.
My sister's brought pumpkin and pecan pies, and my blueberry crisp with ice cream was a big hit,
but I had the most fun making this turkey cheese ball.
I will have to admit I found my inspiration on the Internet.....
 and last, but not least.. a fuzzy cell phone picture of twenty adults (family and friends), and two children holding hands to give thanks for our many blessings.
If you celebrated Thanksgiving. I hope that you were with someone you love.


  1. How nice! And it's great to remember to get that group photo too. Love your cheese ball and all of the wonderful food you had! Enjoy your weekend! (and aren't the leftovers good? heehee) Hugs, Diane

  2. It looks spectacular all the nice food you all have prepared!

  3. Well done Janey, what a feast, the turkey cheese all looks fun, was it a soft cheese like brie? It's my turn to host Christmas lunch this year, the same number of people you have here.. I'd better start thinking about it a wee bit more ☺

  4. Thanks for the 'cheeseball' link Janey, will definitely give it a try ☺

  5. Good for you Janey. That feast looks delicious.

  6. Looks delish. Wow - that's a lot of work!!