Saturday, November 5, 2016

When Life Was Simpler

I was out walking with my sister and brother-in-law late one afternoon
when my brother-in-law said "look at that". It took me a minute. I couldn't figure out why he was calling our attention to this house....and then I saw it. Look on top. A television antenna..a thing of the past.

That was back when we bought a television, stuck an antenna on the roof,
or pulled up what we called rabbit ears..and watched t.v. for FREE.

I don't know about you, but I am not sure I saw it coming....the cost of entertaining ourselves with t.v. I know, I know, look at all of the channels we get..but regardless if you subscribe to cable, dish or direct t.v. (is that the same thing?).. I'll bet you have a hefty bill each month. I also have trouble keeping up with the new technology: Smart T.V, Streaming, DVR, Roku, etc, etc.
I do understand you can use an H.D. Antenna still if you live in an urban area, twenty miles or less from the local stations, and then if you have a smart t.v., you can stream Netflex, Hulu and Amazon Prime through your computer to your set....but don't quote me on that.
Although, can I still get HGTV, Bravo (yes I confess I watch it), the Weather Channel, CNN and Golf Channel for my hubby.?


  1. Yes, the developments go faster and faster, I have fortunately a hubby and a son who install all the necessary changes and only have to watch what I will see. Techniques is nothing for me, I am glad I understand blogging :-)

  2. it is truly expensive. my basic cable (no movie channels any longer) and internet come to over $135 a month. *sigh* your discovery above made me grin, though.

  3. You definitely don't see those anymore.

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  5. I am less and less enamoured of watching TV and see it only for the daily news, both national and international

  6. We often wonder if it's "worth it" to have cable. We do record a few programs, but I think maybe you can stream them from the internet too. There is absolutely nothing worth watching after the winter season. It just seems like money down the drain. I think if we didnt have company who want to watch, we'd do away with it.