Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Walk Into Spring

I have not been faithful to my daily walk this winter....and I can't even give you a good excuse. Yesterday guilt was getting the better of me, so I put on my sneakers and headed out.
I didn't realize I would be walking into Spring!
You really notice things better on foot.
Flowers, blooming bushes and trees were everywhere,
and in a wide range of colors.
We had a very mild winter....but I am wondering if it is really over?
 I am always hesitate to plant flowers this early.
Have things started blooming where you are?
Maybe you too should go for a walk. You could possibly run into Spring!


  1. I want to come walking with you before you leave for the summer.....let me know when you have a free room.

  2. You are having a colorful walking :)

  3. I went for a walk today but I didn't see any of those gorgeous flowers. I would always plant my pots the 3rd week in March when I lived in Dallas. I can't start here until Mother's Day. Enjoy your week.

  4. Color is so very important to us by this time of year, and I love these photos.

  5. I am amazed to see so much flowers there. We don't have all that yet, only some crocus peeping up in the parks.

  6. Blooming gorgeous images Janey ☺ There's no way I'm bumping into spring for quite a while, but I'm more than excited about meeting autumn when summer finally decides to end!