Monday, March 20, 2017

Fun Along the River

This mural is under a bridge in a part of Fort Worth that is just being developed. You can only spot it if you are navigating a lower pedestrian bridge.
At one time there was a 7,000 acre cattle ranch along the Trinity River here
owned by the Edwards family. Ft. Worth, Texas grew up around it, and now the ranch itself is a multi use development called Clearfork. Hiking and biking trails run alongside the Trinity River river, which is dotted with restaurants, shopping, condos and businesses, but it can still  be navigated by canoe or kayak.
I have labeled the pedestrian bridge (one of several) that stretch across the river under the regular bridges.
There are several benches on this bridge where you can rest and enjoy the view..
As you can see, the river is low...we need rain.

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  1.'s nice to see the history of the area in this mural.

  2. Nice they use the wall of an underpass for a mural.
    Well you need rain?, come over to us, we have plenty of it! :)

  3. Maybe the mural is inspirational too :)
    Nice and colourful!

  4. I like the mural that celebrates the history and current use of this land. Good find and photo documenting.

  5. I wonder how the trend toward plant based food, more fruits and vegetable have affected both the small and large cattle ranches. Consolidation, bankruptcies? Since I am not well-versed in that industry and part of the country I do not know too much.

  6. Kate, I think in this case it was more urban sprawl, plus the ranch was centuries old and had already parceled off a lot of it's acreage. It is a fact that there are fewer meat eaters per capita than ever before though.

  7. Love the cowboys and knowing they really existed and are not just a cinematic fiction. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  8. Well that's a surprising discovery Janey.. it's a shame it's not more visible.