Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Museum

Our new home in Ft. Worth is very near the cultural center, so close that you could actually walk. You have your choice of seven museums, and we have visited most of them. One we haven't made it to is:
I am not sure why, except I prefer art I can understand.
I do have to admit I did recognize the person in this self portrait (Andy Warhol)
and some of his art.
especially this piece
and I didn't even have to look to know who did this..Picasso in his cubism phase.
Then there were ones that I just didn't this actual strange ladder.Although it did make me think of Jack and the Beanstalk.
These shapes are eye catching...but not so much that I would sit on a bench and stare at them.
Smashed pieces of silver suspended in air. It was like a table centerpiece...without the table.
A  carcass in the middle of the floor...I kept wondering where the head was.?
and what in the world is this colorful thing ?It did make me think of Dr. Seuss.
Tom got the biggest kick out of the plastic bottles with different amounts of blue water in them.I wonder if they would notice..if someone moved a bottle?
This guy sort of sums up my feeling about modern art....but don't mind me..It is an awarding winning museum that houses over 2600 objects of art in it's permanent collection...and certainly worth a visit if you are in Ft. Worth.
There was something I really liked though and I will save it for the next post.
My apologies to any modern artists that have have unintentionally insulted here.


  1. Some eclectic stuff. For me, modern art depends on the artist or the specific piece. I can get why Picasso's acclaimed as an artist, it's just that he doesn't do anything for me personally when I look at one of his works.

  2. Looks like a terrific museum. Warhol has been copied by so many followers yet it is easy to identify his as only Warhol could execute, don't you think? You are lucky to be in walking distance of so many museums.

  3. Unlike William I absolutely love Picasso,but not so much Warhol 😀 Definitely worth a visit Janey.

  4. That was a nice tour around the museum, great to have such a nice treat so close by.