Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Cow Town

One of  our neighbors heard that I was very interested in history, and invited me to attend a  meeting with her.  Patricia,who lives with her son and daughter in law, is very active in a historical society whose main purpose is preserving the Fort Worth Stock Yards. She grew up on the north side where our historic stockyards are located.
It seems Pat spends a lot of time with Wayne, who went to high school with her.
They took me to their favorite hamburger place. The Star Cafe, located yes in the stockyards, which has been open for over 100 years.. They both grew up coming here as children.
Meet Joyce, a very friendly waitress there, who was also a high school friend of theirs, and fellow cheerleader with Pat.'
The cafe is a sight to behold...and hasn't changed a lot in hundred years. Pat was full of stories about coming here with her grandfather, when she was so small that her feet didn't reach the ground when she sat on these very bar stools.I might add that they serve a delicious hamburger.
The Star Cafe is located on Exchange Street, which is the main street of The Stockyards. If you are having trouble locating it....There is a star dedicated to John Wayne on the sidewalk out it front.
We then went to this building, where our meeting was to be held. It was built in 1902 and a place where the cattle wheeling and dealing went on. Today it houses the Historical Society's museum and various business offices.
I couldn't help but notice (and smell) the cattle pens...still out back, which house a small heard of Longhorn Cattle.
These cattle are used in a twice daily cattle drive (for the tourists), along Exchange Blvd. I have to hand it to the Historical Society who are diligently trying to preserve this area, in it's original condition, which isn't always an easy task.


  1. Those Longhorns are impressive animals, so big, you can't even come close to them with those spikes on his head.

  2. I recognise that longhorn from yesterday's mural Janey ☺ sounds like you have met some very interesting new friends!

  3. The cafe looks like an inviting place!

  4. You have made some valuable friends in your interest with history!