Saturday, March 4, 2017

More Tubac Fun

My last few posts have been about our recent short trip to Tubac, Arizona,
and as I mentioned in the first post, we went out to play golf. They have a great golf resort that has three nine hole courses. Many of the structures on the resort are original buildings that were on the very old Otero Ranch which in it's day, was the largest cattle ranch in Arizona. Parts of it were purchased in 1959 by a familiar name, Bing Crosby, who built the golf resort and spa.
Since the course is in the desert, it is a mixture of dry grasses and irrigated fairways and greens, all surrounded by beautiful mountain vistas.
Some of the descendants of the original herd seem to be still there too. It is open range, which means our golf cart passed over several cattle guards....and you might just find a bull on the tee box!
What's is a vacation without some great food?. Our hosts, Ceil and Mort cooked a couple of delicious dinners, and also introduced us to the little Italian Restaurant full of atmosphere and  mountain views of course.
  Those that know my Tom know that his favorite meal is pizza.

I also mentioned that there were several of our Colorado  neighbors who winter in this
area. So, Ceil being the perfect hostess, arranged for everyone to meet halfway up the mountain for wine and cheese.
Again there were views in every direction.

It was a bit breezy that afternoon, but it was great to see everyone.
We then headed to the bottom of the mountain, to yet another great restaurant "Fire fly" where we all dined in front of the fireplace.
It is always sad when such a fun trip comes to an end. So, before we headed to the airport, we went back to the golf resort for one more meal together at the Stables
 The first dining room is most inviting, but everyone wants to see outside at breakfast,

so we sat in the next room, which has the arched windows of the old stable stalls.
Gosh, we had a nice time, and are now back home where the weather is damp and cold and yes, I am missing Arizona!


  1. You find yourself wondering what cows think of golf.

  2. I like that bull on the golfcourse, must be fun to play a game together :) I guess you are on a diet now for several weeks?

  3. Sounds like you had a brilliant time Janey, it's always lovely to spend time with good friends. My husband is also a keen golfer, unfortunately it's just not my 'thing' 😀😀

  4. Your vacation sounds lovely. The idea of stopping for wine and cheese on the mountain appeals to me!