Friday, March 3, 2017

The Sculpture Garden

If you are in Tubac, AZ you can't miss the K Newby Gallery. It is filled with amazing art.
If you don't have time to stop in, at least walk through their sculpture garden.
I think the majority of the sculptures are done by one artist. Gary Lee Price who hails from Utah, although his masterpieces are all over the world, with several in the Hong Kong Central Library.To read more about Gary L. Price go :HERE The following are the ones I had time to capture:
The last picture is from our previous trip four years ago. Price also did this piece and I hear that it sold. I couldn't help but join in with this game of Ring Around The Rosie on this unusually frosty morning. As I remember, the song goes likes this "Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, ashes ashes ,we all fall down."


  1. Sculpture gardens are one of my favourite places to visit. I am wondering if I saw some of this sculptor's work in Singapore's botanical gardens.

  2. Great sculptures in that garden, love to see them. That lsst one is so special you can join the dance with the children.
    Btw, i didn't know that Rotterdam had such a huge mosque! I have never seen it close by, but was amazed to see the size from so far away. Indeed it could easely have been a sigtht in an Eastern country....

  3. Marvelously eclectic! That second to last one is my favourite.

  4. Gosh he's a very talented sculptor Janey, versatile also! The ring of children is incroyable and I would rather like His and Her Majesty Frog in moi jardin ☺

  5. Happy to know about this place; wonderful statues and sculptures.