Friday, May 5, 2017

Down in the Valley

At the end of this month we will be headed to Colorado to our house in the mountains for the summer. The summer to my husband is five months long. That's right, we will return in October.  I am always talking about the little town that we live in, and with good is a very special place.So that you have an image in your mind...of where we am going. Well.....

click on photo to enlarge
here it is....deep in this valley. As you can see we are surrounded by very tall every direction, and those hills are a great big playground..Someone took this from an aircraft and you are looking south..Just around the corner to the top left  is a picturesque lake, which is why our town is called Lake City.I can tell that this was taken in the Fall. You can see the gold of the Aspen trees and probably the first snowfall since it is only covering above 10,000 feet.
I have been absent of late. Sorry, I do plan to get back on somewhat of a schedule.I have had a lot of company, cataract surgery and a root canal. I do plan to post on occasion before we depart, in between packing. So don't give up on me! Janey


  1. I like the idea of living somewhere else for the Summer especially when it is as beautiful as Lake City. Look forward to your Summer posts.

  2. Seeing the valley from the air shows just what a fantastic spot it is where you live during the summer months

  3. A wonderful sight from above of your hiding place! Wish you luck with the packing, don't forget things!

  4. I'm anxiously awaiting your summer move to Colorado. You know I love that place. Unfortunately, we won't be going this summer, but I might have to at least sneak a long weekend sometime soon. Take care, Janey.

  5. I think the guests would be fun, but the other two activities certainly are not that pleasant!!