Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Contrast

One of the things that I have noticed living close in, instead of out in suburbia, is there seems to me a greater contrast in architecture. I guess that is because one builder didn't design the whole area. Most homes were custom built.

 click on photo to enlarge
This very modern one even looks like it could be a Frank Lloyd Wright design...although I know that it isn't,

and this one looking rather like a castle with it's round turret. I think I would prefer living here. Not just because it is larger than the other...it's just that I am not a fan of modern architecture.. Which do you  prefer?


  1. I admire the contemporary architecture of the first house, but would not want to live in it - I think that I am a traditionalist at heart.

  2. Yes, I'd vastly prefer the second one.

  3. I think you are right about Frank Lloyd Wright, that was the first thing came to my mind. We have made once a special FLW tour through the US and seen so many of his houses. This one reminded me at once to him. But I am not sure, at least it is inspired by him.

  4. I almost bought this house many years ago. It's cool - there is an atrium in the center - but it was not big enough for us at the time. Also, it was very inward feeling - literally!

  5. Before reading your caption and the comments, I immediately thought of FLW, some of whose houses I have seen in both Chicago and Minnesota. He used to get on flights out of Madison,Wi to connect with flights out of Chicago for many of his business dealings while I was a flight attendant. Not a nice, pleasant man--not cordial, and unfriendly and taciturn. Love his architecture and Taliesen communities, though. I like both traditional and modern/contemporary although i prefer the clean, simple lines of modern architecture.