Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We have been to Galveston a lot over the years...but it has been awhile. So, we really enjoyed having our friends take us on a tour.
We started on the seawall and saw the new pleasure pier, which is very busy on the weekends. Galveston has been hit by many hurricanes over the years, but the biggest storm was way back in 1900 when an estimated 8,000 people died. After that, they built this sea wall which protects the city from storm surges.
The Galvez is a famous old hotel built in 1911
There have been so many changes since I was there last, including the building boom that is going on on the eastern tip of the island. I will save the pictures of the downtown area, called the Strand, for another day. I hope that you are having a nice week.


  1. I've read the book on that particular storm several times. That was a true monster.

  2. That last photo with that beautiful house is my favourite!

  3. The Pleasure Pier so interesting as it so different to ones we have here, and yet they serve the same purpose.

  4. Love the last photo. During the hurricane, 8000 people died!? Must have been terrific force.