Friday, May 26, 2017

The Live Oaks

One more post about Galveston. 
I admired the pretty old Live Oak trees 
at entrance of the neighborhood we stayed in.
They always have such graceful arching limbs.. The ones along the coast  bend and grow with the ever present winds shaping in an almost eerie fashion. In 2008 Hurricane Ike hit Galveston early one September morning with 110 mile an hour winds. The winds did not take these strong trees down, but the flooding was another problem. These trees can tolerate some salt water, but would surely have died sitting in the flood waters that came off of the gulf. That is when one of  our hosts neighbors sprung into action. He rented an eighteen wheeler tank trunk, filled it with fresh water and flushed the salt water from the roots of these trees...
and I am happy to say it worked!


  1. What a nice action of that man, I am always impressed by those old trees!

  2. A true environmentalist saved those trees!