Monday, May 29, 2017


Well, the title of this is not entirely true. We took a break from packing (for our move to the mountains) this morning to take a walk. Walking this time in a different neighborhood. I don't know about you , but a walk is much less monotonous if you have something new to look at.
How is this for an interesting view? Built in 1930 for the co-owner of an oil company that discovered vast oil fields in east Texas, it was appointed to the Home Beautiful list at one time by the local newspaper..The oil baron and Ft. Worth philanthropist that built it lived here until 1946.An interesting bit that I read online...his step daughter was forced to leave a prestigious school in Austria because he would not sell helium to Hitler to be used in a war effort.


  1. Wow, that is a fascinating piece of history! So glad I came to my Blogger Reading List.

  2. You find some interesting buildings !

  3. A beautiful home and built by a man with good ethics, makes it even better Janey ☺