Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Galveston part lll

In and around Broadway Avenue on Galveston's east end you will find some of the the stately mansions that made it through the 1900 hurricane.
Many of these homes are open to the public during the Historic Home Tour held in May.
Not far from Broadway Ave. running parallel to Galveston Bay is the five block area called The Strand, which is the business district  made up of primarily Victorian aged buildings
set mainly along brick streets.
I especially liked this old building trimmed in green.
Couldn't resist going into this old soda shop and candy store where several times a day they have taffy pulling demonstrations.
They also have a colorful array of candy.
Very near The Strand is the port of Galveston where there are usually a couple of cruise ships parked.
and last but not least....trying to blend in, Tom and I did our best to dress like tourists.
It was a quick two days in Galveston, but we sure had a nice time.


  1. Just been back to see Galveston one and two Janey. By the look of the size of the cruise ship Galveston is a popular spot to visit! Isn't there a song about Galveston? ☺

    1. Indeed there is. Sung by Glen Campbell. Now you have me humming it!

  2. The old soda shop's an appealing spot!

  3. Those houses reminds me of the Normandic coast in France. There are also those beautiful buildings, maybe from the same period. You succeeded very well to look like tourists but still looking wonderful!

  4. The building in the top photo is extraordinary with its many arches.