Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Nearby Museum

We don't live in the Museum District, but we are very proud to have a new art museum right out here in suburbia. The Pearl (named for a local philanthropist, Pearl Fincher) is a small  beautiful space which exhibits great collections of artwork on a rotating basis..I plan to feature it here soon.....and then there is this. I promise I am not making this one up. I guess if anything has a history, there is probably a museum somewhere for it?

The National Museum of Funeral History , actually not far from here, houses a large display of unusual artifacts associated with the custom of mourning. Here you can find coffins and and funeral memorabilia from around the globe, and like all museums...a gift store. What do you sell in a Funeral Museum gift store? Well, I understand they have a large collection of ghoulish favors from frightful coffee mugs, tombstone cuff links to salt and pepper shakers in the shape of skulls.This place is way down on my list of things to do,despite my spending ten days talking about a cemetery! Although, friends that have been, say the place is actually interesting, and tastefully done. Who knows maybe.... next Halloween?

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