Saturday, March 10, 2012


 I had the opportunity yesterday to attend a luncheon where the speaker was the celebrated U.S. travel/guidebook writer, and now tour operator, Rick Steves. Rick has become wildly popular with the American traveler with his no nonsense approach to budget travel to Europe. You can spot an American traveler there (well one of the ways) by the Rick Steves travel guide they are leafing through. The lunch was great and the speaker  both informative and entertaining.....
                   not to mention... warm...and friendly!


  1. That must haven been nice to listen to a traveller.

  2. I was once told...

    Food is for the body,
    Books are for the mind,
    but travel,
    Ah travel is for the soul...

    Lucky you to meet and greet Steves...looks a wee bit older and more mature that his publicity shots. Like the photo with you better!!

    Have a relaxing and wonderful week-end!