Saturday, March 24, 2012

Palais Garnier Ballroom

I feel sure that a couple of my blogger friends are laughing now. V from Paris Through My Lens and Genie from Paris and Beyond have been talking about the wonderful old Palais Garnier, Paris's famous old Opera house. I told them I would post an old photo of my husband and myself dancing in that very ballroom. I hope they weren't expecting us to be decked out in black tie! We were just acting like a couple of silly American tourists!
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  1. This looks wonderful, a royal couple in jeans.

  2. Terrific photo of a "couple of silly American tourists!" Why not? It looked like great fun.

  3. This is a hoot! Thanks for the kind comments. I'll be thinking of you two this week when we see this amazing grand hall/foyer/ballroom.


    Love the Gatsby event - sounds like something I would really enjoy!