Monday, March 12, 2012

Old Ladies

Midnight in Paris. I finally got around to watching it . It's been raining here all week. I was so tickled when I saw that the famous old Polidor Restaurant was in Hemingway's first scene. I was also surprised to find out (love Google) that the scene was actually filmed in The Polidor. So, naturally I am posting a picture of myself and four girlfriends sitting at one of their famous long tables. That's me with 2002 stamped on my head.
 This girlfriend trip was carefully planned over a years time with monthly meetings. We had almost as fun much planning as going,(okay, not really) as we would meet with all of our guidebooks at any French restaurant we could find in Houston, which was our way of trying to set the mood . At one planning meeting, we ate pain au chocolats and drank French coffee, out of a thermos, while  driving  into town in one gal's party van to the the movie Chocolate; which at that time was a limited release.

The night before this picture was taken the five of us had had dinner at a typical French Bistro in the Latin quarter. There was a man and his college aged son sitting at a nearby table.....which can be very nearby in some bistros! Anyway, the father struck up a conversation with us. Nothing memorable about our visit. Just American tourists meets American tourists.
Fast forward to the very next night. There we are at The Polidor and in walks the same man and son. What are the chances of that? Do you realize how many restaurants  there are in Paris?! The man came over laughing. He had asked his son where he wanted to eat? His answer was:" I don't care, as long as you don't talk to any old ladies".


  1. A very funny story, did the man and his son stayed in or left his son the bistro. The movie I loved very much, to sea the old Paris was spectacluar and done so great.

  2. The guy should have ditched his son and spent the evening with you!

    Wasn't that a fun movie? And, obviously the trip must have been terrific!!