Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Big Birthday!

I have mentioned before, that I have four sisters living in this area, which is the main reason we decided , in our retirement, to move to Ft. Worth. Yesterday, was sister number fours birthday...A Big One.
So, at her request.... We had a Girl's Night Out, which consisted of all four sisters, her daughter, a niece, and  twelve of her closest friends.
We dressed her up in a tiara, and boa .....and had a fabulous dinner at a trendy restaurant in the part of town that is jumping! Here, Polly is opening a baby toy, as she is also is a recent, first time, Grandma.
Afterwards....they went dancing . It is not uncommon here to dance with a girlfriend...or by yourself! I said Happy Birthday and goodnight at the restaurant . I am sister number three and I drove sisters one and two home. No late night foolishness for us! How do you celebrate milestone birthdays?

Sorry about the quality of the pictures!


  1. i am envious. i am youngest of 4 sisters, 1 is deceased and the other 2 live over a 1000 miles away.

  2. You seem to have fun wherever you are!!~

  3. What a fun birthday celebration Janey! Sounds like you celebrate milestone birthdays pretty much the same as we do way over here - with a touch of silliness, lots of fun, but always with a bunch of precious people! :)

  4. Meals out with family and friends is my way of celebrating.