Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's A Holiday

I pass this little house every morning, when I meet my sister for a walk. As you can tell we walk early, at the first sign of light. No, I did not take this picture during the holidays....I took it this morning. Let's see, June is almost upon us....

but, these folks still not only have their holiday lights up.....but lit!
Maybe they like the way it looks? Do you put your holiday decorations away, at least by the New Year?

I of course have no room to talk. In our Colorado cabin I keep a thin, tall artificial tree on the fireplace hearth all year. I have different decorations for it like fourth of July, Fall etc. I wonder if people think I have it up because I am lazy ? Which by the way, I am not.

For some reason our wireless signal, in this rental property has stopped working during the day....and only works late at night and early in the morning. So, I am behind on reading blogs! Sorry...


  1. I had a friend complain about people who don't remove their decorations in a timely way, but it doesn't bother me. I just put up door wreaths now; guess I am lazy. No muss, no fuss with Christmas decorations, altho I have been putting many, many red glass balls on the branches of our crabapple tree that remained there this year 'til we returned in April from Santa fe!

  2. Hello Janey,

    Well, we can just about cope with house decorations at Christmas but, in June, oh dear no.

    Even if one can ignore the cost of the electricity and the waste of energy, this would still seem very odd to us. Don't the flowers speak for themselves?

  3. i'm laughing at their rebellious nature. :)

  4. Some people can't say goodbye to Christmas and want hold on it the whole year. Not me, January 2 i swep the tree out of the house and all the decorations go to the attic.

  5. Can't wait to see your tree lit up for us. See you in a couple of weeks cousin

    1. Judy is referring to Cousin Camp. Six girl cousins who grew up together are hanging out in my cabin in the mountains....very soon. more to follow! Janey

  6. They have year round Christmas spirit hey Janey, that's not a bad thing :)