Sunday, May 11, 2014

Borrowed Roses

Living on the second floor of this rental house, we enjoy a spacious outdoor deck. The gentleman that leases the downstairs unit doesn't care much for yard work, so Tom and I on occasion, have spent a morning raking leaves and trimming bushes. I never in a million years thought that we would miss yard work! There was a rose bush near his patio, with very long unruly  runners. So, instead of trimming it, I pulled the vines through the railing upstairs (reaching through  with a broom) and fastened them with twisties. Now, we have roses too!
I have no idea what type of roses they are... but we are enjoying them, and their sweet smell.

I hope that those of you that are Mothers are being pampered today Happy Mother's Day!

By the way, if I haven't visited your blog lately, it's because we have been experiencing computer problems.


  1. Very clever of you to have the roses up on your deck!

  2. Aren't you smart!! Yard work, if it's not too strenuous, can be as therapeutic as gardening. Hope you have a wonderful mother's day, Janey!!

  3. long, tall roses! such beauties. :)

  4. What a clever idea and such an attractive end result.