Monday, May 5, 2014

On The Trail

We enjoyed a beautiful, busy, weekend here in north Texas. It has finally gotten hot, but it still seems cool to us, after living forty something years on the Texas coast... where it is always humid. We took another long walk this weekend along Ft Worth's Trail System. This section (River Bend Nature Area) is close to where we are building our house, and it is never crowded.
There are endless miles of trails, most of them leading to or along the Trinity River and it's tributaries. As you can see, we are in a drought, and desperately need rain.
The wild flowers are sort of sparse, but I spotted a pretty thistle or two.
I had never noticed these before. Every so often, there were signs telling you where you are located . So, in an emergency. if the 911 call doesn't automatically locate can give them your location. Provided you remembered to bring your cell phone (which I did)......How did you think I took these pictures ?
I also noticed that they had benches along the way. Some under trees, and this one with it's own shade canopy. What is that sliver pipe you say?
It's a drinking fountain or a bubbler as my husband from Chicago calls it. By the way, you would never all it that in Texas!!
The top part of the drinking fountain there was even a station for filling your water bottle.
and down at the base is actually a fountain for your four legged friend. Happy Monday.(or Tuesday for Grace and Roz). I am hoping that you have sunny skies, and if not, would you please send some rain our way...Thanks!...Janey


  1. Well you will not die in a dry desert there and even dogs are provided! Nice to explore a new area.

  2. Hello:

    You have obviously spent a very enjoyable weekend. Living in the city we do rather miss long walks in the countryside and to follow alongside a river certainly adds interest.

    The multi purpose drinking fountain is most ingenious. We heartily approve, and what very good design sense.

  3. I love a fountain that keeps on giving :) I know what its like to need rain Janey.. I'm happy to say we might have a few days rain this week.

  4. Bubbler definitely is a Midwest term, and I am very familiar with it. The lone thistle is a welcome spring sign! Your cell phone camera is very good!

  5. Hello [again]:

    Both your comments on our post are in fact there, Janey, and we have in each case replied. If the comments exceed 200, as they have in this case, then it is necessary to click on 'Load More' [just by the comment box] to be able to see them all. That is where both yours are!! Thank you so much for bothering a second time.

  6. we really do need rain, don't we? as soon as the temps went into the 80s (and 90 yesterday), our lawn starting burning out.

    they have nice facilities, there, for walkers - and dogs. :)

  7. How wonderful that there is a facility for the dog on the bubbler

  8. Sorry, pressed publish before signing off! :-)
    Have a great week.

  9. Thats a nice design for the fountain - we have taps for dogs one some, but the water bottle idea is a good one.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne