Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Hacienda

As many of you know I have moved to North Texas to be closer to my family, in our retirement; which means that sadly we left all of our friends behind in South Texas. But, I am lucky to have four sisters and their families around us now, and they are kind enough to include us in various social events. Yesterday, my oldest sister Nancy and I had lunch at one of her friend's houses. Mary Anne originally from Boston, and her husband from Mexico, settled here in Texas after he graduated from medical school. They built a beautiful Hacienda on a forty acre piece of property out in the country, about thirty years ago.
The entry hall of the house, is simply that, and entry. You continue through it to a center unshaped courtyard,
 where all of the rooms open onto a walkway of brick arches and wrought iron gates


and in the distance, the pool

I loved all of the light fixtures which were imported from Mexico
as were all of the hand painted tiles,
and the intricately craved doors.

to be continued...
My thanks to Mary Anne for a delicious lunch, for letting me tag along and especially for letting me snap some pictures.....Have a nice day, Janey

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  1. That looks super that house. I was talking with hubby sc about the rules we have here about building your own house. I think it would not be possible to built such a house here. We have very strickt laws by municipal committee architectual beauty. They drive people crazy sometimes and it is different from one municipal to another. In our new city where we live it is less strickt, people don't want those stupid rules anymore.

  2. oh, that is a beautiful place! and you could CERTAINLY link in to good fences because of that gorgeous gate! please do!

  3. Wow, a hacienda is a long way from Boston, isn't it! Beautiful home and gate! I do love the cheery painted tiles too!

  4. Excelentes fotografias de belo lugar....

  5. How beautiful! What a treat for you to spend the afternoon there. Lovely pics.

  6. How nice that all the room open onto the walkway...and that is a beautiful gate in the courtyard.

  7. I often wonder how some people can be so "lucky?!" That place is remarkable--beautiful, indeed!!