Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moving On

Fifteen months ago we moved (from Houston, Texas) into the top floor apartment of an old house in Ft. Worth, Texas, lugging just our laptops and clothes. Nothing else was needed...and I mean nothing. All of our other  belongings were to be stored temporally in a storage unit. We had visions of finding the perfect house...in the city, no more suburbs for us..... Well, that just didn't happen. So, we bought a lot (yes, in the city), and hired a builder. If you have ever built a house, you know that things don't always stay on schedule. The house was to be finished in April...then May...and now the first of June.

Since we live five months out of the year in Colorado, and have commitments on our June calendar there, we are packing up, and heading north.....and plan to come back in  late June, and finally move in.

Friends, I have gotten attached to this place...and this place, by the way, actually has a name. It's Linda's Place....and it always will be. I knew Linda, she was a friend of my sister's and a huge friend to her community. Very civic minded, she was a Trojan at getting things done in Ft. Worth. Sadly, Linda passed away, at a much too young an age, in October of 2012. Her daughter, who lives far away, sold this place completely furnished and it is owned by a very nice gal in the neighborhood. You can find it on Airbnb,Ft. Worth, Linda's Place.Yes, you too can rent it.
Go through the door on the right and climb up
Too many stairs for you, you say?
Well, then go around back, and take your own private elevator (that I have mentioned before) that deposits you into ...
the breakfast room ,which is right beside the updated kitchen with it's own butler's pantry.You will have to bring your own butler. Mine is going with me :)
Turn around, and notice that you can also eat outside on a spacious deck.
Too large to capture in one photo...the master has nine windows. One guest commented "the bedroom was larger than my entire New York apartment".  I could go on and on, because this place really does have a very special feeling to it.....
 maybe, just maybe...it's the music floating up the stairs. For you see, Clark lives downstairs. Clark is a concert pianist and practices every afternoon. Twice he was a finalist in The Van Cliburn Competition (2007 and 2011, where he took second overall). Van Cliburn (1934-2013) was a very famous pianist, who in 1958 shocked the world by taking first place in the International Tehaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow, in the height of the cold war. His list of accomplishments are too lengthy to list...but, every four years pianist come from all over the world to compete in the Van Cliburn Competition, and as good as they all are...very few place...

Clark we will  miss the beautiful afternoon concerts..thank you.

Hey! I am not signing off. You are going with me!!(no, not you Clark). I plan to keep right on blogging ...when I find something interesting to share. ...so please stay tuned, for many adventures await us!....Janey


  1. I can readily understand why you have grown attached to this place; it is lovely!

  2. Good luck when you move into your new home. Linda's place has served you well, and it is lovely that you take with you such happy memories of her and her home.

  3. that place served you well - even if it was a longer stay than you initially imagined. i know you will miss the walks with your sister, too.

  4. It looks lovely the place and exciting your new hiuse is almost finished. Now up to the north to your other nice home, busy bee you you are! Have a nice trip and I am looking forward to your stories and adventures there. Enjoy!

  5. Good luck and happy trails! I'm looking forward to reading your Colorado blog to see if I can spot a difference...

  6. Cool! Transport and storage are really just the problematic things in moving places, since the emotional adjustments can be resolved with the least material expense. Deal with the former though, and you're on your way. We're never lacking in resources on that end, so might as well get it over with, right? Hope you enjoy that house for a long time.

    Pedro Padro @ Orbit

  7. A concert pianist under your floor!! -swoon- I would never leave!
    Janey it's a lovely place no wonder you've become attached, and it has a poignant story as well.

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