Friday, May 2, 2014


For the last seven months we have been anxiously awaiting the completion of our new "City House"  Well, as you know April has come and gone...Seems May will too.
bad iphone photo
So, we visited our home this week. Not really our home, but all of our worldly possessions. After a lot of pitching and tossing, everything we own has been reduced to a double storage unit. I have even forgotten what is in this place? It has been stored since February 2013.
We have come to realization that it will be sometime in June, before we can move in to our new place. So, since we have commitments in June, in Colorado....where we live five months out of the year.....we will have to come back to Texas to move in.... in the heat of the summer.

Enough whining out of me! We will be here in our more than comfortable rental (no not the storage unit) until we hit the road June 1st...Until then...I will post again if I see anything that catches my eye.


  1. Hello:

    To see one's worldly goods in the way of household effects consigned to store is always something of a salutary experience for they are apt to look depressingly forlorn. How frustrating for you to continue to have to wait to move into your new 'City House' particularly after such a long time.

  2. i'm sorry for the delay! i'm glad you can stay where you are until you need to go to colorado, though. moving again would be terrible!

  3. Construction always goes waaaay beyond the estimate. Enjoy Co while all this is going on!!

  4. Yes, those things always have delays, I have heard those stories many times. But keep hoping, before the end of the year you will be in your new home I am sure!

  5. I can only imagine how frustrating the waiting game is. But look at the bright side, when you finally get to unpack, it will be like opening presents. Ooing and Ahing over forgotten items. I hope the move goes well.