Friday, May 9, 2014

The Hacienda cont.

I showed you pictures of the Hacienda, belonging to my sister's friend Mary Anne, on a previous blog. These are a couple of other things, that I especially liked.
The colorful stained glass in the dining room.
and the large double fireplace in the center of the living room.
I also enjoyed going down to pet the donkeys in the pasture.
and meeting the family's rather large pet tortoise.

It is so nice to get out of your daily routine once in awhile, and do something a little different. Really enjoyed the trip out to Mary Anne's and oh did I even mention lunch?
She so graciously served:
Homemade chicken salad, on the Black Rooster's best bakery bread, with a side of Capresse salad, large Spanish olives, salty chips and followed by strawberry short cake.

I might  add, all washed down by a fine tasting chilled Prosecco

I hope that you too are having a nice day!



  1. Hello:
    So many really goodly things in this post starting with the very attractive stained glass, moving on to the double fireplace, which really is most unusual, and then to the donkeys, animals which we absolutely love and would so like to own. We think that possibly we should pass on the tortoise but know that we should have enjoyed the lunch, which sounds so delicious, enormously.

    Our day has been spent at home but tonight friends come for drinks and then we are out to dinner which should all be rather jolly.

  2. my goodness. it is like visiting a resort for the day. seriously beautiful place.

  3. I can see you are living the good life, enjoy!

  4. Menu sounds good - and that tortoise is huge!

    Thought you may like to know that the second part of my Arizona blog is on my wordy-blog.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Beautiful vases and what a clever way to display a book. Gives me an idea for my own fireplace!! Not quite as classy as her's, but it will be fun to bring out some of my old books!!