Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Surprise!

Tom and I drove to Austin to keep our little granddaughter Hannah, while her Mom and Dad flew off to a wedding. I always say that we have five daughters. Actually Tom had three girls when I married him, and I came along with my two....yes making five. Sometimes I find it easier to just number them!

 Tom has a big birthday coming up, so his three girls decided to converge on Austin, while we were there, and surprise him for his birthday. It was all very hush hush... Daughter number five arranged for a sitter for Hannah before she left... so that his girls could take us out for a dinner to celebrate.. The girls simply came to the house, and rang the doorbell. You should have seen Tom's face! He was so confused! Kelly(#1) had driven from Houston, Kerry (#2)  flew in from Atlanta, Georgia, and Kristen (#3) rolled in from Kerrville, Texas.
Dinner was fabulous at a place called Josephine's House.
Happy 75th Tom!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate an important event. Beautiful girls surrounding their father whom they obviously love a lot!!

  2. oh, so very sweet! happy birthday to him and a great surprise!

  3. How lovely - Happy Birthday Tom - there do seem to be lots of girls in your family, didn't you say you have four sisters too?

    1. You are correct Rosemary. There are also five girls in my family...and we all had girls! One of my sisters did adopt a son. My Dad always said we had to go buy one.Finally in Hannah's generation. There are five girls (we like that number) and two BOYS!

  4. What a lovely surprise for Tom and my congratulations to him.I agree with Rosemary, where are the males in your families?You females are very dominant and there is also a granddaughter now, it never ends.....ha,ha.

  5. That must have been the best of surprises.

  6. A great surprise! Happy Birthday, Tom!

  7. Hello Janey,

    What fun to have a family gathering from all corners of the country. Tom looks severely outnumbered by women but does seem to be enjoying himself enormously! Happy Birthday!

  8. What a brilliant surprise for Tom, that would have made his day!

  9. What a brilliant surprise for Tom, that would have made his day!