Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Wall

I hardly think it is a coincidence that the exhibit at one of our wonderful museums here in Ft. Worth is on the existing wall between the U. S. and Mexico. I am not trying to stir up a political discussion here, just wanted to share with you parts of this moving exhibit.
This National Geographic photo shows parts of a wall that already exists out desert terrain. There are partial walls separating the U.S and Mexico in California, Arizona and Texas. Does this keep the flow of illegals out? Not really

as talented photographer Richard Misrach explains."The walls can easily be climbed or tunneled under although, most just head to where there is no wall...and are faced with crossing an arid unforgiving desert." He has taken moving photographs of personal items abandoned along the way.
 In a display case below the photo were the actual items in that backpack.
 Also part of the exhibit, are musical instruments created out of items discarded on these monumental treks

 by artist Guillermo Galindo
Misrach also photographed a watering station left by good Samaritans, always marked by a flag. I am a little confused by this. Wouldn't the border patrol watch these sites? Brought to mind deer feeders.
A poignant reminder that not all travelers are adults.
Then there was this sobering photo of a target  practice area for the Border Patrol, with red and blue shell casing piling up on the ground. Surely trying to enter this country...even illegally is not a capitol offense?
No matter how you feel about this subject, the exhibit is worth seeing...and is free at the Amon Carter Museum running through December 31st of this year.
Both artists will also be giving a free lecture at the museum on November 5th.
Contact the museum for times.

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  1. Everybody tries to get a better life and no wall or sea will keep them away. How many walls can we have, the Chinese, the Berlin, the Mexican, the Palestine... it is not the solution for a worldwide problem. A moving exhibition.

  2. I agree that the wall is not the solution to a problem we helped create. The exhibition sounds interesting.

  3. Very interesting!
    Have a great day!

  4. wow. some very powerful, evoking photos.

  5. Walls are never a good solution. Such an interesting post Janey.

  6. Wow that is quite an exhibit.

  7. Quite thought provoking. The images are haunting.

  8. Not sure how I feel about the exhibit- food for thought, for sure.

  9. It saddens me to think about these poor people looking for a better way of life and struggling against all odds. I agree with William, the images are haunting and sad.

  10. I would like to see this exhibit, although it is laced with sadness and controversy.