Thursday, June 1, 2017

In The Mountains

We have been on the road for a couple of days headed to our summer home in the Colorado Mountains.
The first part of our journey we were traveling on very flat land and it was a long day..driving for ten hours. There wasn't a lot of traffic because most folks were on the roads the weekend before for the Memorial Day weekend. We did travel through that approaching storm. There was a brief heavy downpour and small hail.
Day two is always a lot more fun. We made it to Colorado before checking into a hotel for the night and the next day was beautiful sunny and cool. 
I will share with you a few of the shots I took out the window with my cell phone.These are part of the Sangre de Cristo mountains that you see crossing the San Louis Valley.

That's the Rio Grande River running along to our left.
The weather was absolutely perfect.
We did stop in Monte Vista, Co where they have a couple of acres of green houses filled with hanging baskets. I by the way did not enhance this color. Those geraniums are just that PINK!
Un Compahgre Peak (still covered by snow) let's us know we are almost there.It is our tallest for five fourteeners surrounding our valley.
Oh my it is a lot of work to carry everything in, unpack and sweep up dead flies.Tomorrow I need to wash windows. Although I did take a minute or two to enjoy the view. Stay with should be a busy fun summer!


  1. Mmmmm I can feel that fresh air from here. Beautiful scenery. You must have the unpacking off to a fine art by now so that you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

  2. It looks a wonderful journey - glad that you have arrived safely.

  3. Nice to follow you on tour. Love the landscapes!

  4. Those mountain views are breathtaking!

  5. My signature summer hanging basket is alway red geraniums. As I thought about it this year, I realised that it is a heritage of my mother's who always had red geraniums year round. Your mountain and scenery photos are delightful.