Sunday, June 12, 2022

A Hike in Montmarte

 When in Paris recently we explored more of the Montmartre  area of town. On previous visits we usually just walked up the iconic stairway or sometimes took the funicular which are your choices to reach the Basilica at the top.

There is always a crowd outside (and inside) the famous Basilica, Sacre’ Coeur.

This time were arrived by metro at the Abbesses metro stop. It is the deepest of the metro stops in Paris..If you haven’t arrived in Montmartre at this metro stop I highly recommend it. To get to street level though you walk up a winding staircase (469 steps) with one brightly colored painting after another painted on the walls.

The route I had mapped out.

Then we walked down to the street the Moulin Rouge is on (Blvd. de Clichy). No I did not wear the beret all day. Just brought it along for a photo opt.

The girls who were already tired from the climb out of the metro saw the little train trolley and thought we were going ride it up the steep hill…not so. 

Come back again and I will show you some of the things we passed.


  1. Great memories made in Paris - you look very fetching in your french beret - it suits you.

  2. Love the beret. We also went to that metro station and enjoyed the artwork. Foolishly we walked up and took the funicular down. It should have been the other way round! Your photos bring back all the wonderful memories I have of Paris.

  3. You look very French... Long time ago I have been in Paris. The Covid has layed down all the fun last year...

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Wonderful Parisian impressions!
    Love you with your French beret. Got one myself and always loved wearing it.
    That was quite a climb; almost as much as I mention in my next post... Pieter can no longer do that now but we got fond memories.

  5. I remember wandering around this part of Paris. I love your French.