Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Is It Really Hidden?

The answer is yes…it really is but to the chagrin of the homeowners  GPS can now lead you there. From our house to the bottom of Hidden Road is about one mile. Stay tuned and I will show you why you would want to walk down this rather steep hill.

We hadn’t walked down in awhile and I noticed this new driveway. Hopefully not the only entry to the property. I would be kind of rough on the tires!

Someone had mentioned before that they were surprised that it was so green here given this is Texas. Well, Ft. worth is very green and lush. The arid landscape starts west of here. Matter of fact there is a slogan referring to Ft. Worth as to where the west begins.

This little door into a large estate looks very inviting, but I imagine that it is locked,

as is the adjoining entry gate..

At the very bottom of the road is the entry into River Bend Nature Area. Here you can access Trinity Trails which is over 100 miles of running, walking and biking trails throughout the city,

most all of the trails are on both sides of the Trinity River as it winds through Ft. Worth.

Unfortunately there is absolutely no parking at this entry point on this very private road. There are plenty of other areas where you can park near the trails. So if you want to enter here…you must walk down.

Without explanation I will show the blooms we passed along the way.

By the time we arrived home we had walked two and a half miles and the sun was getting higher in the sky with promises of a very (too) warm day.


  1. It looks like a beautiful place to walk. I enjoyed all the blooms you found along the way.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    What a lovely Road you walked and too bad there is no parking for that entrance.
    Hidden Road — Private Street is quite something...
    Nature is very lush and you did have a nice walk.
    Did walk in Limburg, The Netherlands this morning for 3.8 miles. So lovely but I had to change my clothes as I had a wet back. Rather muggy with only 19°C but following some very rainy days... Typical Dutch as you no doubt will remember well.

    1. Mariette that is a nice long walk. We too had wet clothes when we returned!