Sunday, June 26, 2022

In a Target Near you!

 Target is a big box store here in the U.S. A one stop shopping experience where you can purchase most anything you could ever need or want.

 My observant sister Polly noticed this new sign hanging in her local Target and was intrigued, so she promptly made an an appointment and was nice enough to let me tag along.


Yes, you can get a manicure or at least a color application by sticking your hands in this little black box. A bit disappointed since I was hoping to find this little character with blinking eyes and a cute name.

The $10.00 charge does not include nail clipping, filing or cuticle trimming…just a color application and these are the color selections above.

The polish is actually in these little viles.

You watch a short video of instructions and then the polish is inserted into the machine.

Next you put one of your fingers in the little strap and insert it into the box and very quickly a series of 100 photos from different angles are snapped of the shape of your nail.

The little pipette  then starts at the edge of your nail applying polish is a circle like icing on a cupcake until the nail is completely covered.

If the machine misses a spot for whatever reason, there is a nail tech there to correct it. Polly chose a very neutral color and was happy with her choice.

Would she do this again. Maybe and maybe not, but you certainly should try it yourself if it shows up at a store near you!
*at the present time these machines are only located in four areas of the U.S


  1. Dearest Janey,
    The name Clockwork is very odd and the results, according to Polly's hand is okay.
    No filing, no cuticles pushed back or whatever so it is not a 'complete' manicure but looks still reasonable.
    Next time one could do the prep–work at home...?

  2. I'm not so sure about this. However, I'm glad you and your sister documented this process. That's a new one!

  3. I learned something new. How cool. Regine