Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Busy Day

My niece hand her husband are visiting from Ft Worth, Texas all this week. Yesterday, Tom led them on a hike up the highest peak in the area. Uncompahgre Peak 14,309 feet.

 They didn't get back to the cabin until 3pm....and at 4:45pm we were to 4 wheel up Gold Hill to a picnic. The picnic on Gold Hill ,which is a potluck is only on Wednesday nights, and you have to be invited by a homeowner who lives on that mountain. It really is a coveted invitation....mainly because of the view. A bit too much to do in one day though!

Sara and James were good sports and they ran to the showers and were ready to go on time.
Come to think of it...they came down one mountain peak and rushed up to the other. This is the view from the picnic area. 

But, Mother Nature was not being such a good sport. Cold rainy weather moved in. I took this as we...and several others, drove off. I was surprised that anyone stayed!

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  1. sorry about the rain, but what a great place to visit for them!

  2. What a top hiking area. Great pictures.


  3. What a great view from your top, looks almost like Norway. Sorry about the weather, that must have been a little disappointment.

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  5. With that view I think I'd be tempted to stay a little longer, too. Lovely looking niece.