Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Seventh Annual Back in Thyme Tea

The tables are set!

The tea is steeping

 savories are ready

sandwiches are trayed

and what's this?Not one.... but five sweets for all

The ladies are all.... properly adorned

with big hats and small

and smiles all around

Even the rain couldn't spoil it....no not at all

Thank you for coming....  Please come back next year...one and all!

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  1. This looks all so fine, the food and the dresses and hats, you had a great time I see!

  2. and the ladies seem to enjoy
    where are you , Janey ?

    1. In the last picture on the left ...in the big white hat.

  3. Wonderful costumes and divine looking pastries. Who makes them. . .both!? Re. your comment about my Asian French bakery today: really not that unusual because it's owned by a Vietnamese immigrant family who must have been influenced by the French before the Americans made their little excursion into their country. We have one of the largest Hmong and Vietnamese communities in the USA.

    1. Kate...we five hostesses make all of the food.

      You are correct.....now that I think about it..I do remember the French being in Vietnam Nam!

  4. really awesome set-up - and get-up. :)

  5. J'adore Janey. What a very lovely event, the ladies look so pretty in their hats and costumes. I can see why it's such a popular annual event..I think I'd look forward to it :)
    p.s. loved your comment, I agree, older people can have the best stories to tell.

  6. Beautiful, as always....and what adorable table numbers :)