Friday, August 9, 2013

The Mountain Squirrel

I said that I didn't feed the wild animals up here in the mountains. Well, that is not entirely true. I put out a small handful of bread on a deck post early in the morning for the birds. It is always gone before a bear could venture by...and out of reach of the deer. But, there is no keeping this little thief away. The squirrels up here are much smaller than those in Texas.

When I came out for a closer shot...he decided to finish his treat in a nearby tree.
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  1. I dislike those little thieves so much, and there is not place in America that is free of them. I wonder how they got here; guess I'll have to google, looking for their history.

  2. I know that they're considered a pest but they are kinda cute :) Janey I'm still trying to imagine 'a bear coming by' eeek!

  3. oh, you've got the cute little squirrels, there!