Thursday, August 1, 2013


Last night we attended a concert by Acoustic Eidolon. This very talented dou makes an annual trip to Lake City, Colorado

Joe plays and unusual instrument, actually invented by him, called a double neck guitjo. It is a custom made guitar that has two necks. One neck is strung like a traditional guitar and the other a banjo. Joe plays both simultaneously...a sound that beautifully fits their music His partner and wife, Hannah, a classically trained cellist, accompanies him. This talented couple preforms  over one hundred days a year....and half of those are in Europe. Don't miss their very very entertaining soulful  concert, if they are preforming anywhere near you!

  Hannah  and Joe

We were happy to be invited to a friend's cabin, after the concert to share dessert  with them.
In the Fall they will be touring Germany and Norway with their music.

Their instruments

*Marianne, in October, they will preform in Sint Joosland, The Netherlands.


  1. Fascinating instrument and beautiful photos. Your summers are filled with such interesting activities!

  2. If you see them again Janey, see if they can add Perth onto their list of travel destinations :)

  3. very cool. they are a beautiful couple, too.