Sunday, August 18, 2013

Interior Shots

A few interior shots from the Historic Home Tour

A cozy living room in the pink house...with a wood stove

This 1940''s fishing cottage 

had a picture...with granny and the kids on the porch

and the miner's cabin

had curtains for doorway's

a beautiful old portrait 

a cozy bedroom upstairs

and some unusual china in an antique cabinet
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  1. Wonderful glimpses into the interiors. Loved the bedrom and the tea set. PS. I left a message for you on my blog regarding the Bonsai tree.

  2. that miner's cabin is decked out!

  3. PSS. Don't you love it that we can go back and forth on our blogs to have a conversation?!

  4. J'adore much more welcoming than contemporary don't you think Janey:)