Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Flew the Coop

I bet that you didn't know that Tom and I ran off on Friday to:
The truth is, we only flew into San Francisco. We have seen the sights there many times, and were headed across San Francisco Bay to the town of San Ramon, to celebrate Tom's brother-in laws birthday. Back in the 1950's Tom older sister Mary Jane, met a young grad student at North Western University (near Chicago). They married and moved to the Philippines (his home). They lived there for forty years, before moving to the bay area (when he retired). We do not see them often enough, and Mary Jane is the only sibling Tom has left.
Tom and Mary Jane
On Friday we all went to lunch at this restaurant, Bridges, in Danville, CA. They tell me a scene from the movie Mrs. Doubtfire, starring the late Robin Williams, was filmed here. I may not remember that scene in the movie, but I can tell you that they have great food 
I love the area on the east side of the bay..It has beautiful rolling hills
tall eucalyptus trees
and a variety of fruit trees. This one happens to be a not quite ripe lemon .
We had a wonderful dinner at Tom's nieces house (Cathy), on Saturday, and I got Lope to pose with eleven of his grandchildren. Did I mention that Lope and Mary Jane have seven children, twenty grandchildren and two great grandchildren! We had a wonderful time....although it was entirely too short a visit.

Come back tomorrow and I will show you more pictures from the cute little town of Danville.


  1. What a beautiful family to visit. You not only had the pleasure of visiting a wonderful CA area but a fine celebration in addition.

  2. Quite a visit to make, and a pretty area too!

  3. What a great family shot - that's quite a group! We love visiting San Fran and biking in the Marin Headlands.

  4. Oh, so nice you made the visit to Tom's only sibling, that is quite a family, amazing amount of people. Looking forward to the other photo's.

  5. sounds like a really special trip. :)

  6. It's party time again Janey!!! - what a joyous occasion it looks and how wonderful to have such a big family. The photo of Lope with 11 of his grandchildren is lovely.