Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Annual Event

We recently attended an event for the first time. A nearby town, smaller than our little mountain town....yes there really is one smaller. Has an annual barbecue.
There are great photo opportunity's in the area, amongst the rather large ranches.

There was some live background music while you ate.
a somewhat crude dance floor
Some fake cowgirls
Some cowboys that are real.
Lots of barbecue and the trimmings. I seemed to be more interested in this table
another real cowboy with Tom
Ladies with western jewels
and of course..man's best friend


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! That necklace is beautiful. Is it yours?

  2. That necklace is huge, it that really western style? The turquoise stones look more like Indian jewels I saw when I was in the US.

    1. No Marianne. It belongs to my friend Ann. That type of jewelry is popular in the western states of the US. ..and yes, a lot of it is made by Indians.

  3. I bet that necklace is quite heavy. I am partial to silver and turquoise myself.