Tuesday, July 28, 2015

High Winds

When the early settlers came here, to this small town in  western Colorado. back in the early 1900's they planted a fast growing tree. The Cottonwood.
 The roads down in town are lined with these magnificent trees. In the Spring though the pollen from this tree. is like white cotton floating through the air, and plays havoc with my allergies. The also have a life span and they are starting to fall.
A gust of wind during a thunderstorm last week brought this one down. They are lucky it didn't come down on the house...or cars going down the street.
Only thing it did was take out part of the fence. They have talked about cutting them all down. Last year one did go through the roof of a house. Of course there are folks that also to not want this to happen. It would be a shame to lose them all.


  1. Cottonwoods can be huge but despite the aggravation of spring
    "floss, they can be quite magnificent.

  2. They have become really huge but can be dangerous sometimes. I have seen many fallen trees the last few days here. I am glad I have removed my 36 year old trees from my garden last year in time before they landed on the houses around.