Sunday, July 26, 2015

Work Day

As soon as we returned from California, we received notice that there was a work day down at the community garden.
It seems that they wanted to build some sort of green house. Here, Tom and his friend Ted are drilling holes in metal poles.
Then for some reason they wanted they sprayed with green paint.
After a lot of measuring, and marking, they needed to bend them. I had never seen a tool like this, but it worked amazingly well!
 Kathryn was busy tying complicated knots in plastic rope. She tried to teach me...hmmm. We decided I would just be the cameraman.
It was amazing to be how skilled these young people were at doing this. I had to leave before the plastic cover  was tied on, but I will up date you soon.
Oh, by the way, my garden is doing great. We may need help eating all of this lettuce!
We have tomatoes
Parsley, etc, etc.
Oh, and this little tots mother was helping. I so wanted a picture of her, but she kept lowering her head and saying "no".


  1. Well, that little child certainly is independent already. . . good to see. The green house looks like building it is very labor intensive. Of course, you should be the camerawoman!

  2. What a garden you have! I've tried basil several times, but it just won't grow at altitude for me. I think it gets too cold here at night.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    That is action and quite skilled it looks like. Great veggies, that makes me, being the daughter of a Dutch market gardener, very proud of you!

  4. You made me laugh with your helping with the knots :) Some people are made for photographing I agree.That little girl is very selfconcious, no pictures, acting like a celebrity!