Friday, July 10, 2015

The Tables Are Set!

My friend Sandra and I spent the day cooking, and dressing the tables for the bridal luncheon here tomorrow. That is now today.
It will be tight...even with the table extension. Nine ladies can sit here

and another six over by the stairs.
The ladies will arrive at 11:30 and have punch and a few appetizers on the deck, while Sandra and I plate the three salad lunch:

Vermicelli pasta salad stuffed in a tomato
Tarragon Chicken Salad
Green salad with oranges, strawberries - a sweet and sour dressing
Parmesan Rolls
Chocolate cake ice cream roll, topped with raspberries and mint. 

The wedding will be Saturday (outside), in the very top of the mountain. I will take pictures if I don't chicken out. Hate going up that very scary 4 wheel drive shelf road..How do you feel about one and a half lane, dirt roads, up the side of a mountain, with no guard rails and blind curves?


  1. I HATE going up roads like that, when I'm on the edge side. I barely can do it anymore myself. Good luck!

    Pretty table settings, and yummy sounding menu! I know it will be a lovely day!

  2. i hope they have drivers for the wedding guests!

  3. The tables look beautiful Janey and the food sounds scrumptious.. What a wonderful job you've done. As for the driving up narrow mountain road.. I don't think so :)

  4. A very busy weekend for you. The menu for today looks good.

    Enjoy the wedding!

  5. That looks a delicious menu. Hope it all went well.

  6. The place settings and the menu look and sound perfect. My preference would be to be seated at the round table, a way to see all people at the table. I haven't been on one of those mountain roads for awhile but recall not liking it very much.

  7. You are well prepared but I agree with you to ride up into that mountain doesn't sound like fun, can't you ride with someone else as a passenger?