Monday, July 13, 2015

The RV Park

We have been in our summer home for almost twelve years now,
but for two summers, we lived in this RV park while construction was going on. We didn't have an RV, or a trailer, but good friends let us borrow their 28 foot trailer (with a slide out). You can't tell by this photo, but this place has spaces on three levels. We were up on level two in the trees.
There was a very nice office/store with a laundry mat and very clean bathrooms.
Monday night was potluck dinner night, in this pavilion
and Fridays mornings  it was coffee and sweet rolls, on the office deck.

There was even a little waterfall coming down the mountain, and a hiking trail up to an old silver mine.
It was a very friendly place, and you got to know the other campers. The owners were great too. They were retired military, the husband had been a jet pilot. He thought I was a bit "fluffy" to make it out here in this remote place, but I fooled him! I sure missed this place when we moved into our home.
Have you ever stayed in RV Park?


  1. A pretty place for such a park. My parents were friends with local owners of an RV park, and would occasionally go over, particularly when things weren't busy.

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Lovely spot for comping out and hat was for sure a great way to explore the area in depth!

  3. That small waterfall is so beautiful and the whole place.

  4. "fluffy" makes me laugh! If he only knew how your previous employment readied you for all kinds of people and places! Great park environment!