Friday, July 31, 2015

A Historical Site

We have the annual home tours coming up in our little town, which I help with . I was driving around to the various homes, so that I could make a map for the people touring, when I stumbled upon  this:
click on photo to enlarge
This is what remains of a kiln that was used to make charcoal. The miner's realized that charcoal burned hotter than wood, and used it in their smelters
 I understand that the Black Smith's also used charcoal for their fire to bend metal.
There were the remains of three kilns here. I hope that they will be left as they are. School children have so many interesting sites around here to see on field trips.


  1. And, it appears to me that some residents also find the area historically fascinating and worthy of good photos.

  2. They have educational value. I remember kiln ruins up at a conservation area near where I lived.

  3. An interesting piece of history that should be preserved.

  4. I've seen several kiln sites - sometimes they're in the middle of nowhere. I always hope that they'll be preserved as a piece of western history.

  5. Nice pictures and I learned a new english word Charcoal, (houtskool) in dutch.