Friday, July 24, 2015


I love old things...they remind me of sweeter gentler times. When we were in San Francisco Airport recently I was amazed at all of the old photos displayed on the walls. Tom kept telling me to "come on" so I didn't get pictures of all the things I wanted to.
There was this great old picture of what San Francisco Airport use to look like. I am guessing this was back in the 50"s

Then there was a picture of a Stewardess....yes that was what they were called back then. She appears to be on the steps of a DC-3
No security here. Yes, that is the way we use to board an aircraft. How do I know that is a DC-3. Well I use to be a Stewardess on one. Not in the 1950's, but in the mid 1960's.
By this time I was running to catch up with my husband. Wait a minute. What's this?? Why it's an exhibit of the Art Deco Era. No, I am not that old but, man I wanted to see it.
First there was the car. A beautiful Pierce Arrow.

Oh it was a beauty
Then they had these displays inside plastic boxes (sometimes difficult to photograph). Pretty nifty old luggage.
Royal Rochester  period dishes....sorry about the glare
A typical 1920's bar

 The latest technology for listening to music

There were even some fashions display.. like the swimsuit of that era,

and I guess what would be called a Flapper Outfit?

By this time, my husband is announcing that our flight is boarding. Oh Darn! There are at least ten exhibits I have missed. So, if you are passing through the San Francisco airport I suggest you allow some time to walk through terminal two.


  1. Another fan of the Art Deco period here too.

  2. The car really draws my attention!

  3. Me too!
    My favourites are your fisrt pictures about the airport and the Pierce Arrow of course. Nice and interestng post, thanks

  4. what a fabulous display at the airport!

  5. That is a very fascinating display that I would love to see.

  6. Very nice exhibition, I can imagine you were fascinated by these items and I can hear Tom calling too....