Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Tunnel

My two previous posts are about at  mega department store we once had in Ft. Worth, Texas. A store that  seemingly was before it's time, and had it's own private subway. One of my reader's ask if the tunnel is still there?
The answer is yes. Although a college campus covers one opening, and the other end is protected by a locked gate. Above is a picture of one of the founder's daughters signing the tunnel. She and a cousin were along with a newspaper crew that filmed a video inside the old tunnel.
For those that are interested you can go to the link (and video) regarding that visit :HERE


  1. The history of this place is fascinating! Glad you identified the descendant of one of the founders for me; I actually selected her in your previous post's photo! Super sleuth!

  2. I am enjoying these posts. I moved to Texas in the late 60s and there was still a lot of shopping downtown. It was fun to spend the day there with friends. Hugs, Diane

  3. Thanks Janey, that was really interesting. That's what you call customer service for sure.. or, making sure the customer gets to the store ☺ Was wondering why they closed down? Just went back a few posts, how lucky were you to have your granddaughter to stay for a while, she reminded me so much of my own granddaughter with her pretty dark hair!

    1. Grace,
      One of the two brothers had failing health and was bought out by the other. He ran it for two years and sold out to a corporation that continued under the same name.The original store was torn down to make way for a downtown mall...it's anchor department store being Dillard's...who eventually closed their downtown store. Whew!

  4. Spooky to watch the dark tunnel by torch lights.

  5. I am sure members of the public would love to have a look down there. Interesting history.