Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cabin on the River

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We had dinner with friends from Texas this week, who had rented a small cabin, down the hill from us, on the river. In the little living room is this huge mural (painted by local artist Russ Brown). The ceiling is high and it takes up the entire wall. If you look closely, on the bottom corners, you can see the edges of the lamps on either end of their sofa. Maybe not for all, but it gives me a cozy warm did the wonderful dinner which ended with hot blackberry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. Yes, I went to Zumba this morning!


  1. what a great mural! and my favorite dessert of all time! bb cobbler and ice cream!

  2. Wow, that is a huge one to look at. You should almost forget to look outside! You had a funny comment about the plane on my blog. No I didn't go with the plane but by a bus, which was a bit to small for myn legs, ouch. I show more on my blog.

  3. It's an impressive painting, not only for its size but it captures the setting.