Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Creatures Big and Small

 No deer in the yard this morning, but there were birds in every direction. Not sure what the large black birds are down the hill are? Crows maybe?
 My friend the Steller Jay is enjoying his morning offering on the deck post.
 And a little fellow...see the Humming Bird out the west window on the feeder, which is hung very high where a bear can not get to it! And yes the feeder is empty...I'm filling it now!
Oops! who is this little guy, sitting by the door?
Have a nice day!


  1. love that cute chippy! so you didn't take your hummingbird feeder down after all! :)

    1. Actually..those posts were a couple of weeks ago (caught me). The Humming Bird feeder is now packed away...so that the little fellows are headed your way!:)

  2. Hello:
    It sounds so exotic to us to have Hummingbirds in your garden. How we wish....

  3. You have some seriously cute little critters here Janey. I think they are crows in the first shot or ravens, could be the same thing.

  4. That is so cute to have all the birds around, those ravens we have here too. They are not so nice to the other birds.