Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 A friend with a vacant lot let's us park our utility trailer there....and he can use it when he needs it to.
We had to go down there today, and put a sticker on the license plate. These tall thistles caught my eye.
 They actually weren't as tall as they appear.....I did kneel down. I feel sure they were at their peak a few weeks ago.
 but, they looked like art to me :)


  1. Hello:
    Thistles do indeed have a sculptural quality to them, particularly when in flower, and are, of course, beneficial to a great many insects. But, sadly, they are not a plant for the ornamental garden!

  2. i love them. i like the birds and butterflies they attract, too. :)

  3. I hate them, I always get skin eruption of them, which hurts. Stef has put them in our garden and they come back each year although I pull them out, secretely....

  4. Let's see we have and hate..

    I love blogging..we are all so different even though we are so alike. Your secret is safe with me, Stef will never know :)